Long-term research

Driving tomorrow’s growth
“Saft’s long-term research will lead to improved performance and lower cost products for the future.” Anne de Guibert, Saft Director of Research.

The mission of Corporate Research at Saft is to provide a fundamental understanding of electrochemistry related to all Saft technologies and processes. Its programmes contribute to determining the principles and key directions of product development.

Around 60 people are dedicated to long-term research at Saft. They are located at two research centers: Bordeaux, France, hosting the major corporate research team; with a smaller team in Cockeysville, Maryland, USA.

These teams are committed to the quest for new materials, new chemistries and innovative processes. For example, research scientists are working on next-generation active materials for high performance cathodes and Lithium alloy anodes with the aim of delivering enhanced performance, improved safety, lower cost and longer life. Other scientists are investigating novel electrolytes for improved safety and broader temperature operation. Innovative cell components such as separators and current collectors are also the focus of attention.

Research activity at Saft is not limited to materials. It also encompasses the development of unique processes as well as models and algorithms to support system development and optimizes battery utilisation.

Key figures

9 new patents tabled for 2015.
Saft holds a portfolio of some 153 patent families.