A matter of principle
“Saft strives to make efficient use of resources and reduce its environmental impact to a minimum.” Patrick de Metz, Saft Environmental Director

As a responsible company, Saft promotes sustainable development principles.  These are based on three pillars: society, the economy and the environment. The company is convinced that business performance can be reconciled with an active commitment to the environment, employees and society at large.  Its approach is, therefore, to institute a series of indicators designed to measure these aspects. Based on the results, improvement actions are implemented.

Saft has also adopted an Environmental Charter to guide its actions.

Global compact

Saft has joined the United Nations Global Compact initiative to show its commitment to the highest standards of business practices. The Global Compact’s 10 principles are progressively being integrated into Saft’s way of doing business, though they already coincide with the company’s values and vision. Click here for the report.