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With over 80 years’ experience, Saft is the world leader in designing and manufacturing high technology battery systems and products dedicated to aeronautics. Saft is the reference solution when providing custom-engineered battery systems with long life duration, high reliability and energy coming along with an unparalleled technical expertise, support and services.

As a crucial link in aircraft safety, Saft’s proven technology Ni-Cd and Li-Ion battery solutions provide essential functions such as high peak power for autonomous engine or APU starting, and emergency power backup. We offer over 400 different battery designs suiting virtually every requirement, all optimized for energy and power, guaranteeing the integration to each aircraft and/or helicopter electrical architecture, thanks to a close cooperation built over the years and covering the whole product life cycle between the major aircrafts OEMs and our teams.

Our full range of ULM® (Ultra Low Maintenance) rechargeable Ni-Cd batteries provide the best life cycle cost with long life duration, high quality and reduced maintenance.

We are also focused on the future through 15+ years of research and technology in Li-ion solutions to provide cutting-edge battery systems for today’s cleaner aircraft challenge.

Saft is well positioned as a battery system integrator to guarantee the highest levels of safety and reliability necessary for such technology.

Our new Li-ion battery systems are conceived in compliance with the highest levels of design requirements (DAL-A) from DO-254, DO-178B and DO-311, integrating embedded electronic module battery management system to achieve an undesirable event occurrence probability < 10-9 per FH.

Li-ion systems are especially adapted to More Electric Aircraft (MEA) platforms, the driver being the increased electrical demands to which the battery has to respond.

To continuously support you we have a global distribution network ready to listen to your needs, certified repair & maintenance battery shops as well as in-house dedicated support & services team and battery maintenance training, so you always feel accompanied throughout the life of your battery system.