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On land, at sea, in the air and even in space, Saft is a global, multi-technology defence battery specialist uniquely capable of providing fully integrated battery solutions to power a wide range of military equipment.

When time and urgency is critical, Saft’s lightweight, compact batteries are field proven to deliver exceptional reliability and performance for military applications from infantry communications, base camps and weapon systems to torpedoes, AUVs/UUVs, aircraft and hybrid armoured vehicles.

Saft’s primary and rechargeable lithium solutions have been field-proven for over a decade as the best value in terms of long cycle life, cost savings, weight, size, efficiency and reliability. Some batteries have even functioned longer than their tested life cycle. Going beyond just the battery, Saft also provides the needed chargers to help the defence industry get the job done.

Militaries around the world have trusted Saft for over decades for their battery needs. Our in-house R&D continuously innovates, seeking technological advancement and improvement in design and performance to make sure our complex batteries use the most sophisticated electronics and software for power, safety and for communicating battery information to the systems.