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Environmentally friendly, cost efficient and safe. Those are the requirements today from the marine industry for a battery manufacturer. Tighter regulations and growing performance expectations are driving manufacturers towards the trusted battery expert, Saft.
Leisure vessel : a yacht in Mediterranean Sea
Leisure vessel : a yacht in Mediterranean Sea

International environmental regulations are placing greater constraints on shipbuilders regarding NOX, SOX and CO2 emissions. New designs and concepts for clean transportation must be developed around these regulations in an economic and affordable manner that still provides fully reliable, efficient and safe batteries. Saft’s high technology batteries ensure the proper functioning of control boards and propulsion. The growing adoption of full- or hybrid-electric propulsion architecture for new ships remains a strong alternative to conventional propulsion.

Navies, shipyards and OEMs worldwide look to Saft as the supplier of choice for fully integrated, turnkey systems backed by full technical support for their emergency back-up, lighting, engine starting and other auxiliary systems. Together, Saft and the marine industry are transforming the limitations of conventional technologies into new possibilities for the future.