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With global climate change and increasing fossil fuel shortages, electric-driven vehicles – EV, HEVs, PHEVs – powered by Saft’s high-technology battery systems offer a sustainable solution to reduce CO2 emission, meet regulatory targets, limit fuel consumption and an overall environmental footprint.
Saft's battery systems are ideal for motive power vehicles such as loaders
Saft's battery systems are ideal for motive power vehicles such as loaders

In this innovative sector combining ecological, technological and economic perspectives, Saft has been designing and delivering battery solutions for Hybrid & Electric Vehicles for over 15 years with various electro-chemistries: Ni-Cd, Ni-MH and lithium-ion technologies.

The electrochemical performances of lithium-ion solutions have created a technological breakthrough by allowing large improvements in power and energy and making lithium-ion the technology of choice for today’s motive power and vehicle applications.

Saft’s involvement in High-tech motor-sport activity is seen as a unique technology platform to develop, test and qualify Saft innovations in Li-ion battery systems that will be further deployed in the hybrid & and electric vehicle industry.

Commercial & Industrial Vehicles

Cities looking to reduce CO2 emissions, fuel consumption and noise, and provide more environmental alternatives of transportation to the general public are integrating electrification in their commercial and industrial vehicles such as mass transit buses, delivery trucks and garbage collection.

Airports are doing the same for their aircraft push-back and towing vehicles as well as harbors for container transportation. Even industrial vehicles such as mining trucks are integrating hybrid functions due to operations in specific environments where electrical engines bring benefits over thermal engines.

Motive Power

Electric vehicle technology has been powering forklift and warehouse trucks for decades.

The recent introduction of Lithium-ion battery technologies to power the electric forklifts offers unique performance to the  newly developed vehicles. Due to their excellent operating performance, Saft’s Li-ion batteries provide key advantages to optimize a vehicle's usage compared to conventional lead acid batteries via good ergonomics, faster charging, longer life duration and limited maintenance operation. This ultimately lows costs throughout the useful life of the vehicles by improving daily operation and reducing the Total cost of Ownership (TCO).