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With over 60 years’ experience meeting the rail industry’s evolving power needs; Saft is uniquely positioned to provide your turnkey battery solutions at the most competitive total cost of ownership (TCO).
High technology batteries for the rail industry
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The stringent international standards applied in the rail industry mean you need to work with a partner with the broadest range of reliable, high-tech battery technologies on the market, meeting all the technical, safety and performance requirements in your industry. The world’s leading OEM’s already entrust their battery needs to Saft.

For both new-build and replacement projects, Saft’s systems have optimized weight and volume, low maintenance and low life cycle costs for main applications such as auxiliary backup, engine starting, regenerative traction and trackside signaling. Rest assured that our battery solutions withstand demanding environmental conditions such as wide temperature variations (-50°C to +65°C), strong vibrations and general physical and electrical abuse for complete reliability.

With our worldwide sales and distribution network we are here to work closely with you, better understand your needs, to provide the best services and solutions today and develop innovative systems for tomorrow.

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