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With over 45 years of experience and several ‘firsts’ in space, Saft knows how to ensure the quality of a battery system’s life including extensive mission duration, vibration and shocks, vacuum and extreme temperature resistance and proper functioning, while respecting stringent size and weight constraints.

Employing the most rigorous of standards in terms of quality, testing and documentation, Saft’s record designing and building lithium-ion batteries for space applications speaks for itself. With an extreme space environment, batteries cannot jeopardize a mission and our solutions withstand extremely demanding missions such as GEO telecommunication satellites (power needs), and MEO global positioning satellites, and support specific applications from high power telecommunications to observation and defense LEO satellites.

While we are a pioneer in lithium-ion batteries in space applications, we offer advanced battery solutions providing very long shelf-life (up to 20 years). As no space mission is the same, no space application battery is the same and Saft will work with you to custom design a solution for your space needs.