Utility Metering

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With battery replacement costs estimated at ten times the initial cost of a meter battery, Saft knows metering companies need highly dependable, autonomous, long-lasting and robust batteries to withstand even extreme temperatures.
Power consumption
Power consumption

When a meter no longer works, costs can quickly add up when sending technicians out to assess the situation, bother homeowners, replace systems, etc. The best solution is one that’s top performing from the start and Saft’s batteries, products of over 40 years of experience in metering applications, are just the answer.

Saft’s designs exceed the essential characteristics required for high-tech indoor and outdoor metering applications by providing operational lives of over 20 years for its batteries. You can rest assured that a Saft battery in your meter will outlast the life of the meter itself and give you peace of mind after installation. Market leaders in metering equipment have trusted Saft for years.

With new smart infrastructure for electricity, gas, water and heat making its way into urban settings, these smart meters require the expertise and proven reliability of Saft’s high-tech lithium batteries to power functions such as communications, alarms or the metrology itself.

Because metering power requirements vary from pulses of a few microamps for RTC and memory backup functions to a few amps such as for data transmission over mobile telecommunication networks, the right battery selection is a key technical choice for your metering needs.