Service offering

Saft provides a wide array of support and services to ensure that your battery system is the most robust, reliable and well-maintained for long-lasting optimization. Our support allows you to receive the most value from your investment over an extended period of time.

Battery Sizing & Configuration

For stationary applications, Saft’s BaSiCs battery sizing and configuration tool helps you quickly find the right battery system for your back-up, starting or photovoltaic application. With BaSiCs, you can also directly access our collection of battery and cell data sheets.

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Installation & Commissioning

Our installation and commissioning service is designed to ensure you enjoy rapid and safe start-up, whether you are purchasing individual products or interfacing with a complete system. It covers the implementation of appropriate factory settings, adjustments and optimization of your systems. We offer particular expertise in Li-ion technology, especially in electronics and automation, to interface with SCADA systems.

Case study: HiTe’s on-site service for RTG crane in China


Saft’s e-supervision service provides continuous battery system monitoring to give you an instant snapshot of critical values and to enable you to identify any anomalies early on.

  • Li-ion battery systems: Battery data collector provides real-time data and alerts through a web portal or smart phone applications for instant access to the right information, with 24-hour e-maintenance, reduced maintenance costs and optimized battery life.
  • Nickel-based battery systems: Battery Wireless Sensor (BWS) anticipates 2 faulty modes before load is applied to the battery: high temperature and low voltage.

See the E-supervision brochure
E-supervision case study: Sodetrel ferryboat battery systems

Meter Life Analysis

The Meter Life Analysis is an innovative service that enables utilities to take the guesswork out of their metering asset management decision making processes. By drawing on real-life information gathered by Saft from batteries installed in their own fleet of meters, utilities can take fully informed decisions such as keeping meters in service for an extended period of time or bringing forward a planned replacement programme. 
Meter Life Analysis case study: Eau de Paris

Field Maintenance & Refurbishment

Saft’s field maintenance and refurbishment services are designed to give you years of trouble-free operation and extend the life of your battery. With regular maintenance, you can predict failures and act before they happen.

  • Preventive maintenance: design and execution of customized preventive maintenance plans for each product line conforming with IEEE standards.
  • Corrective maintenance: from emergency on-site intervention to root cause analysis and repair.
  • Refurbishment: mid-life upgrades and refurbishment in the fi eld or in our workshop.


Case study: Field maintenance for Shanghai Electric

Warranty Extension & Maintenance Contracts

Saft’s warranty extension gives you complete peace of mind that you will get the support your application requires. You can as well hand over full responsibility for maintenance to our team of experts.

  • Maintenance contracts can include: training for your operation and maintenance teams, e-supervision, supply and management of strategic spare parts, stand-by support through hot lines, on-site preventive and corrective maintenance by Saft certified engineers and technicians.
  • Full service contract includes: all of the above along with an equipment lease agreement.

Supply & Strategic Spares Management

  • Strategic spare part management: through our spare parts supply service you can be assured of access to genuine factory certified spare parts. We ensure high availability of spares in stock and take care of the management of obsolete components.
  • Spare part supply: Saft can take care of your off-site and on-site spares management to ensure you always have the right parts, at the right time and place to optimise restoration time in event of failure.